Same as Pete from battery has a date code of 01/2014. It was purchased in March 2014. Not even a year old. Started acting up the first cold day in January 2015. Barely turns over. It's way too low on cranking amps for the Windsor-Detroit area. My mechanic says the battery tests very weak. The charging system is fine. It's rated at 610 cold cranking amps. My mechanic has advised no less than 800/850 for my vehcle. So did my old mechanic years ago. Original equipment battery was 800 CCA. Nice to know about the 1 in 3 failure rate. Don't understand why they sold me a battery with such low CCA. I questioned this when I purchased & they showed me that's what it says in their book, 800-850 was overkill according to their salesperson. My car is 19 years old and has only had one original equipment AC Delco and one Interstate. Then this kirkland battery that has not lasted 10 &1/2 months! Returning it on the weekend. Hope it starts Friday to get me to work, then again for Saturday to get to Costco. I'll try another if they more CCA to fit my car, or another brand / manufacturer. Other than that, I want a refund.