You would think that Pep Boys couldn't screw up something so easy as removing a nail in a tire and plugging it up, right?
Long story short, I dropped off a tire at the Pep Boys to have a nail removed. A couple hours later I was notified via a phone call that there was an "issue" with my tire and that it was not repairable -- I figured that the nail was too close to the edge of the tire and that repairing it would be a safety hazard.
After heading back to the store and waiting, I see that these bozos at Pep Boys had accomplished to rip the tire bead off my freakin tire and on top of this crap, I was told to my face that I brought in the tire like this!! I knew that the guy I was talking to had the brain of a squirrel, so I just told him that I'm going to take this issue up with corporate.
Unable to get a resolution with corporate via phone calls and emails, I just decided that enough was enough. I went down to the local courthouse in Brea, CA to file the paperwork needed to take Pep Boys to small claims court. I sued for the hours of work that I lost due to dealing with this issue, a new rim that they scratched in the process of removing my tire, as well as 2 new tires so that the tread levels match.
I get a call from corporate and they finally resolve my problem by settling with me out of court by cutting me a check. If you are getting jerked around by a company like I was with Pep Boys, as a consumer you definitely have the court system available to help you resolve your issues.