Love my Toyota Corolla, but ever since we got it, we knew it had some sort of issue with the power windows on the driver side and all the mechanics we brought it too could never quite find the problem. Toyota, finally, issued a recall that addressed the rattling noise problem and we made the mistake of taking the car to Power Toyota for service. Did they really fix it? I hope so, but all I remember is that they were real nice about informing me of other problems and trying to rip me off! 600 dollars for additional repairs that, at my current mechanic, cost less than 300 dollars. I even asked the sales rep for discounts and something like 10-15% was mentioned. Sorry, but any percent off of trying to rip someone off is still f'ed up. Lesson to be learned: Call around for different quotes and don't trust the dealer shops no matter what certification they may have (or their location).