I am a 'Movie Buff', so the Stubs program pays for me to be on it.
But I found MAJOR bug in the Stubs program. I brought it to AMC attention, but they just ignored me so I am letting you know what is happening.
When you go to the website and see you need $16 more to the reward and you spend $46 for tickets and food, so you will get a $10 reward plus you will need to spend $70 until your next reward, but the the Stubs program says you have to spend $80 more until your next reward, so you NOT getting a reward but paying for it.
Also when you redeem these rewards, you are getting the $10 reward but they are secretly taking another $10 off of you thru the totals.
So when you get or redeem your rewards, you will see what I am talking about and how they are secretly getting more money from us.
Hopefully one of the Stubs it people read this and fix the bug!!
  • Free popcorn and drink upgrade to next size (ICEEs not included)
  • For every $100 you spend you get $10 non-cash reward (expires after 90 days)
  • No online ticketing fee
  • You get an online gallery that records your movie stubs so you can rate, comment, and share to your social networks
  • If you sign up at your local theatre you get four cards (two regular and two keychains) active and ready to start saving)
  • Any tickets you brought within the last 30 days prior to you buying can be added also
  • Allows special pre-screenings at certain theatrers if a member
  • Receive special posters, pins, and more collectables if a member on opening weekends
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  • You only have 3 months to use your Stubs Points
  • No warning that Stubs is going to expire
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  • 12 dollar annual cost
  • AMC Silver and Gold tickets are not counted towards one's Stubs Reward total
  • Cannot redeem reward when buying tickets online/kiosk
  • If your credit does not get applied, it is almost impossible to get AMC to fix the mistake
  • Not allowed to use it when buying gift cards!
  • Difficult AMC interface, comples password required, confusing to use and slows down ticket purchases
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AMC Stubs Frequently Asked Questions

12 dollars a year
Allows you to get an upgrade in size for popcorn and soda purchases. Example: If you buy a medium popcorn, you get upgraded to a large.
When purchasing popcorn or soda, tell the cashier than you're using your Stubs card and you want a free upgrade from medium to large (for example)

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