I am a 'Movie Buff', so the Stubs program pays for me to be on it.
But I found MAJOR bug in the Stubs program. I brought it to AMC attention, but they just ignored me so I am letting you know what is happening.
When you go to the website and see you need $16 more to the reward and you spend $46 for tickets and food, so you will get a $10 reward plus you will need to spend $70 until your next reward, but the the Stubs program says you have to spend $80 more until your next reward, so you NOT getting a reward but paying for it.
Also when you redeem these rewards, you are getting the $10 reward but they are secretly taking another $10 off of you thru the totals.
So when you get or redeem your rewards, you will see what I am talking about and how they are secretly getting more money from us.
Hopefully one of the Stubs it people read this and fix the bug!!