The Roku SD Player (formerly known as the Roku Digital Video Player) is a great little device that provides an inexpensive way to stream your Netflix movies. The slim-box design, small footprint, HDMI and component video hookups scored major points with the techie side of me. Unfortunately, I hit a major speed bump during the software update process.
I was stuck at the update screen and repeatedly attempted to update through the easy-to-use graphical interface with no success. So, after about 10 tries, I gave up and called tech support.
I was greeted by an offshore tech support worker who followed a standardized troubleshooting script (as if you were calling Dell) only after I was bugged repeatedly for my order number. Note: I ordered this product off of and didn't have the Roku specific order number that they were requesting. The customer support representative it was on the box, but it was not. After providing some personally identifiable information, she finally found my order in the system.
If your user interface was was stuck at 0% on update, you'll probably need to open the ports on your firewall. What I did to resolve this issue was to all the ports on my router temporarily while the updates finished, then I set all closed all ports after the update. Before you do this, I had to hard reboot my router, DSL modem, and Roku (in that order). Too bad this work-around isn't listed on the Roku FAQ.