The Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber promises to deliver on what all of us lazy people want -- clean tile grout!
I'm glad that company developed a product to help the common person reduce the mind numbing chore of tile grout cleaning.
This device means well, but realistically, it is just an underpowered tooth brush with a different paint job and a brush head designed for tile grout cleaning.
As a first-generation product, there is a lot of room for improvement. I'd like to see commercial version with more power and a more aggressive brush head that can actually clean my tile grout.
At the price point of around 10 dollars, you not going to get much cleaning power from the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber, but if you shower is already clean and you want to maintain it on a weekly basis going forward, the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber would be an okay buy for you.
If you like me and have some relatively moderate cleaning to do, you're not going to get much value from the Reveal Power Scrubber.