Purchased this TV on Black Friday for $298. Really didn’t expect much especially learned that the TV is made by Chinese company Haisen licensed by Sharp. Oh boy I was wrong. The image quality is surburb, the color is vivid, and the resolution is crispy.
== Build Quality == The back plastic feels cheap, the silver frame was also made from plastic. Can’t compare with premium TV manufacures which uses real aluminum. The unit is also a bit thick. However, the thin bezel is a big plus,once the TV is setup,it looks pretty good when looking from the front. The remote is colicky and responsive. == Image Quality == After some tweaks, surprised to see nice image quality from cheap TV. Color is vivid, Black is dark, 4K resolution is super crispt. Would recommend using the TV YouTube App to view 4K content to truly appreciate the clarity. == Software, Navigation== Navigation is fast, TV supports popular Apps such as Netflix and YouTube. Able to stream 4K conten. The navigation still maintains smoothneswhile streaming 4K. I guess the process used in the TV is pretty powerful.
Overall super happy about the purchase. Would pay 600 for this TV without doubt.
== My Settings == Picture Mode: Vivid AquoDimming: Low Automatic Light sensor: ON Contrast: 60 Brightness:40 Color:56 Active Contrast: Low Leave the rest setting Defult