I had a major ant problem in my home until I stopped by my local Lowe's and picked up a box of Terro's Liquid Ant Bait Stations. This product was well recommended by my parents after they spotted one of these traps attracting a large trail of ants from the sidewalk to the front of a neighbor’s house.
After placing a couple of these bait stations in the hot zones around my home, it was only a matter of minutes before the ants started calling their friend. The liquid inside these bait stations is like liquid crack for ants. They’re composed of 95% of a liquid that is similar to pancake syrup! The other 5% is poison goodness that the ants will take back home to their colony.
My Suggestions When Using This Product 1. Buy 2 boxes (So when the first box runs out, you don’t need to run to your local Target/Lowes to pickup a box) 2. Shake and tap the bait station so that all liquid is in the bottom of the reservoir (so it doesn’t spill out when you cut out the front-bottom portion of the bait station) 3. After all ants are gone in a particular area, leave the trap there for another week (If you bait station is empty, place a new one in its place so any residual ants are killed)
If you would like to share your suggestions about using the Terro liquid ant bait stations, please note them in the comments area below. Thanks!