I personally like the amc stubs program, because I actually took time to ask questions about it. Whether you paid the $12 or the $6 or received it for free, you make that money back either way. People keep complaining that you have to spend $100 to get the $10 credit. Well, the movies are so expensive that you spend that much in a couple of trips anyway, so why not benefit from it. For some families, thats one trip to the movies.
And if your soooo worried about losing your credit after 90 days, put it on a gift card, so you can just throw it in your wallet and not worry about it expiring. If you buy tickets online, it waives the online fees, so it's as if you bought the tickets at the theatre (minus waiting in line). The waived fees alone pays for the card. Upgrades: your saving a $1 on popcorn and 50 cents on the drink, so your saving there as well. This especially benefits those with 4 or more family members.
If you actually register your card on line like they tell you to and your stubs package tells you to, you'll benefit from the coupons, discounts, promotions and some free stuff that is a huge savings in it's own if you take advantage of it. Example: I received two free admissions to see Girl in Progress. This was not only free, but Stub members got to see it ahead of time. The biggest benefit (people don't pay attention to) is that their are no restrictions on the card, so even if there are 10 people with you (friends/family/etc) who dont have a stubs card, all you do is give them your card or card number to slide with their purchases (tickets, upgrades, waived online fees) and then everyone benefits from the card becauseeeeeeeeeeee there are no restrictions.
So if you only slide your card for your purchase and not your 5 friends, your wasting money. Come on people $12 is 2 combos at Burger King that you spent yesterday. Think about it. It's funny that people will complain about it and then go to that same theatre 20 times a year. Oh yea and those gold and silver amc experience passes from Costco, Sam's Club, school, work, etc. Guess what? They give you points for that too. Take advantage of what you got.