Vienna Euro Lounger Review

The Vienna Euro Lounger is Lifestyle Solutions' successor to the Ravenna and Milan euro loungers. Like its predecessors, the Vienna is wrapped in a durable faux leather material that looks great without breaking the bank.
The faux leather of Vienna offered a bit too much traction for my liking, and the material felt cheaper than the material used to cover the Ravenna and Milan. If you can hold out for Lifestyle Solutions' next euro lounger, I highly suggest it. If you're in need of a piece of furniture on a short notice, the Vienna Euro Lounger will be a great addition to your home.

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It is made of bonded leather, a process which makes takes shredded leather scraps and leather fiber, then mixing it with bonding materials. The mixture is next extruded onto a fiber cloth, or paper backing, and the surface is usually embossed with a leather-like texture or grain. This isn't real leather. I had mine for years and didn't put anything on it. It didn't dry out like real leather. I guess if you want piece of mind, you could apply Lexol to it.
ConsumerPete on 2/26/15
A friend of mine just bought one of the Vienna loungers to put on her porch and I thought of getting one too. She told me it's leather and she bought a leather protectant to put on it. Here I'm seeing it referred to as "faux leather".... is it not real leather?
Local Hero on 2/22/15
Thank you COSTCO. great product. well packed. directions with all the tools (allen screwdriver & wrench. ) directions very clear and very easy to follow. durable construction leather upholstery stainless steel legs. gratitude to you again:::::::::::::::::::::::
AMERICUS on 7/31/13
Hi Surendra, You can call Lifestyle Solutions: Toll Free: +1 877 693 8866 INFO@LIFESTYLESOLUTIONS.COM ›
ConsumerPete on 7/14/13
I bought Vienna Euro Lounger from Costco but it didn't come with any instruction. Where I can get instruction to put gether. Thx
Surendra Singh on 7/10/13
hi,, does anyone happen to know if there is a 2 seater option ?? and if so,, who supplies it,, thanks.
freddy on 1/30/13
Purchase two, on one the fake leather folds over and makes a crease, it then cracks down to the backing fabric. This was after a year of use. Taking them both back.
chuck on 9/18/12
Hi Sasha, I'd have to say the cushioning is medium to medium-firm. on the Vienna. I see no issue with you using it as a day bed or bed.
ConsumerPete on 8/16/12
Hello Pete, Thanks so much for the information on this piece. I'm wondering, how firm would you say the cushions are? I would likely be using this rather frequently as a bed and don't want something that is too soft.
Sasha on 8/16/12
Hi Mary, I don't have the instructions, but I can give you a quick guide on how to install the legs. 1) Flip the Vienna Euro Lounger on it's back so that bottom side is facing you. 2) Insert the bolts through the metal frame at the bottom of the euro lounger. Note: You may need to lift up the arm rests to see the locations for the bolt holes. 3) One-by-one, slide each leg into the protruding bolts. 4) Add one washer to the bottom of each bolt, and then hand screw each nut as much as you can. 5) Put the Allen Key wrench into the top part of the bolt and hold it steady. While the Allen Key is steady, use the mini-wrench and turn the nut clockwise until it is tightened.
ConsumerPete on 7/26/12
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Hi Pete. Can you post pictures of the Ravenna (version 1), Ravenna (Version 2) and Vienna. Also, the picture of Ravenna (v2) looks like the Milan. Are there any visual differences between the two? Thanks
By CT on 1/11/12