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AMC Stubs Review

The AMC Stubs membership is a paid for program that provides its members benefits in the form of upgrades on fountain drinks and popcorn. A 10 dollar reward is issued for every 100 dollars spent and can be applied towards the cost of food and drinks. The AMC Stubs program is not for everybody. As a

AMC Stubs Employee Views

I currently work at AMC and I am constantly getting threatened with write ups for not suggestive selling the card and other items in concession. This is what I do not like about AMC, they praise the person that is able to sell stubs, and take for granted the people that are actually skilled enough...

AMC Stubs Rewards

I go to movie theaters a lot. I like AMC a lot, and even though I live in Queens I traveled to AMC 42 (Times Square) location primarily cos of their rewards. But just when I missed another 8 points for second rewards I was told my card expired. I didn't know I have to purchase a new card each...

Take Advantage of What You Have

I personally like the amc stubs program, because I actually took time to ask questions about it. Whether you paid the $12 or the $6 or received it for free, you make that money back either way. People keep complaining that you have to spend $100 to get the $10 credit. Well, the movies are so...

Stubs is a Stupid Idea

Such a stupid idea for AMC making people pay for the AMC STUBS membership. People should be going to Edwards Cinema if there's one near you. Edwards Cinema has the same reward program without any fees.

I Honestly Like AMC Stubs

I honestly like the program AMC is the only theater in my area and I go to movies with friends so I just give them my card to use. I go like once a month and as a student I don't have any way to go to discounted films. Yeah concessions are expensive but PEOPLE it's 2012 not 1912 like some of you...

AMC Stubs was Marginally Useful, Now a Blatant Ripoff

AMS Stubs was a marginally useful reward card but has been greeded down to a blatant ripoff. Needless to say I will now drive the extra 10 miles to competitor and make an evening of the event.

I am Moving to a Different Theater Chain

I also do not agree with the change made for customers to purchase an amc stubs membership. That should come free!!!! For those of us who love movies, amc has stripped the little benefits we use to get. It is a shame, but thankfully we have other choices in theatres. Sorry to say, or should I...

Lost More than My Points

We have frequented the Loews (now AMC) theater since pretty much since it opened in 2001. We never new about the movie watchers program but when they came out with the AMC stubs we were excited since we already were going there why not get a little bit back. Over the years since 2001 we have...

AMC Stubs is a Rip-Off

Stubs is a rip-off. I had 24 dollars ready to use, ut when I wanted to use 20 of it, they told me my card had expired and all of my rewards were lost forever! Then they had the brass to ask me to re-new, but the old rewards were never coming back. Moviewatcher was GREAT, Stubs , not so much.

Not Counting Silver Tickets For AMC Stubs Anymore!

Not counting Silver tickets anymore!!!! Well that's a shame.. Buying a $6 Silver from the AMC website equates to an A.M. early $6 movie ticket and is still money I am giving AMC. Seems very unfair to not count my purchase. You are lucky AMC Regency in Brandon, FL is the only theater in my area,...

I Didn't Ask for AMC Stubs!!!

when purchasing 3 separate gift i was also charged $12.00 for the Stubs enrollment which I didn't ask for nor was asked. Someone owes me some money.

AMC Stubs Program Sucks!

Don't see much value in this programs anymore especially since they dropped the AMC gold/silver ticket usage. I really don't get this. I understand that AMC gold/silver tickets are discounted tickets, but they are still purchased for a cost. These are NOT free tickets. Plus AMC mornings shows cost...

AMC stubs program is a complete ripoff

The AMC stubs program is a complete ripoff. We joined the program, and have tried to register the card on the AMC website to take advantage of the benefits. When we try to register it states we already are however when we purchase tickets we still get charged the service fee. We have contacted...