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Lifestyle Solutions Customer Service Failure

It appears that my month long relationship with the Customer Service department at Lifestyle Solutions has finally come to end. Sadly, after an exchange of 20 emails, I was unable to procure a set of washers to accompany the ‘replacement’ nuts and bolts that I...

Lifestyle Solutions Customer Service is Nonexistent

I purchased this great looking pillow-top euro lounger (by Lifestyle Solutions) at the local Costco this weekend. Upon assembly, I noticed that the parts and hardware kit was not included with the product packaging. Optimistically, I flipped over the box inside and out...

Ravenna Euro Lounger Review

Lifestyle Solutions has released the latest revision of its Ravenna Euro Lounger (version 2.0) across Costco stores nationwide (please check your local store to confirm). The listed selling points of the Ravenna include: highly-elastic foam cushioning, durable...

Milan Euro Lounger Review

The Milan Euro Lounger is Lifestyle Solutions latest product to hit the floors of your local Costco and is a relatively decent successor to the Ravenna Euro Lounger. The build quality of the Milan is solid and the features that stand out are its machined legs, performance...

Vienna Euro Lounger Review

The Vienna Euro Lounger is Lifestyle Solutions' successor to the Ravenna and Milan euro loungers. Like its predecessors, the Vienna is wrapped in a durable faux leather material that looks great without breaking the bank. The faux leather of Vienna offered a bit too...


We bought the Ravenna Euro Lounger from our local Costco 4-6 weeks ago. We have had the window open and fan on in the room for days because it smells so bad. I was to use it after foot surgery so I didn't have to do a lot of stairs, but after a couple of nights I kept...

Costco Euro Lounger

Costco has been selling an affordable and stylish Euro Lounger for tired bums and bodies for many years. The current iteration of this Euro Lounger is named the "Modena". Noticable qualities of this Euro Lounger and its predecessor models which include the Ravena,...