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Always a Good Deal on Paint Rollers at Home Depot

Home Depot sells the below pictured set of paint rollers, brush, and tray for about 10 bucks. If purchased individually, this set of tools would cost you close to 25 bucks. Typically, I only use Sherwin Williams roller covers when painting rooms, but after having painted a couple rooms, I can...

Buying Travertine at Home Depot

The good thing about buying tile or Travertine at Home Depot is that they gladly return it, this is in contrast to tile row that says to bad if you do not like it your stuck with it now. If you want a decent experience buying stone or tile go to Home Dept.

Kilz Premium Primer Review

Picked up a gallon of Kilz Premium Primer at the local Home Depot so I could primer my closet after doing some patchwork. Even after a week, the paint felt excessively wet and tacky -- even for even a primer. Note: Primers contain adhesives a to help a top coat stick. Would I recommend Kilz to

Rubbermaid Configurations Not Enough Screws

While installing Rubbermaid's Configurations 4-to-8-Foot Deluxe Custom Closet Kit, I noticed that it didn't come with enough screws to properly attach the metal support bars to the wall. I swung by the local Home Depot and was able to perfectly match the screws that came with the kit down to a...

Dorcy 41-4750 180 Lumen High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight

I initially used the Dorcy 180 lumen LED flashlight to inspect my brake pads and was rather disappointed since it didn't do a great job lighting up what I needed to be lighted. Perhaps my expectations were too high for a 25 dollar flashlight which I expected to provide a magical beam of light able

Liberty Garden Hose Reel

Hello Pete, Recently purchased a Liberty Garden Hose Reel model 840, 541-632. It is constructed as on a four wheel platform. I could not recommend this item. There were 2 major issues, upon completing the assembly I started to crank the reel to take up the hose. To my amazement the crank...


I went to Home Depot to purchase an Acura car fob battery. The size was 2032. They were out of of the two pack which costed $5.97 for 2 batteries. I asked the attendant to check if they had any 2 pack in stock but he couldn't find any. They only had the 4 pack battery in stock which was $10. I...