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Beats By Dr. Dre

Want headphones that you can't use without batteries? Get yourself some Beats. Not! The headphones looks and feels great and produces some nice sounds but the serious flaw above coupled with the constant changing of batteries just killed this user's experience.


AppleCare Apple really doesn't Care

I went to the apple store at Victoria Gardens in California. It was quite crowded, but the techs were very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. However, when I purchased my iPhone 4, the Apple tech also included the $60 AppleCare without my knowledge. Although AppleCare is a good product for a...


MonoPrice Is Going to Tax Shipping and Handling

I noticed the following after reading an order confirmation from Effective January 1, 2010, Monoprice, Inc. will be collecting sales tax on shipping and handling charges on orders shipped to destinations within the State of California. Sales tax is charged on the products and also

Monoprice's Response to Collecting Tax on Shipping (Part 1)

Here's a response from Monoprice to an email of mine explaining why they are taxing handling. <blockquote> Hello xxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your email. We charge our customers a single amount for shipping and handling, it is determined that such combined charges are generally taxable...


Monoprice 3 Outlet with USB Charger

Monoprice's 3 Outlet Surge Protector with USB charger currently resides in my kitchen and acts as the main charging station for my electronic devices. During heavy usage, it is typical for my iPhone, iPad, GoPro camera, and Nexus tablet to all be plugged in at once to this multifunction wall...